Self-refer your pregnancy to SHIP Maternity Referral

If you have changed your name or address and not informed your GP then please do not make a referral using this method until the GP has updated their system, please note you will also need your NHS Number.

SHIP Maternity Referral is an NHS service providing a single point of access for all maternity referrals in the Portsmouth area. The aim is to make sure you have access to the right care from day one. SHIP Maternity Referral will triage your referral based on the information you provide and the hospital will contact you to start your antenatal care. In the meantime if you are worried about your pregnancy, please tell your GP straight away.

Click here to inform the NHS of your pregnancy. It's quick and easy and just takes a couple of minutes.

Women wanting their maternity care at Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust are able to refer their pregnancy using this portal. We are working together with other members of SHIP LMS (Southampton, Hampshire Hospitals, Isle of Wight, and Portsmouth Trusts Local Maternity Services) to provide safe maternity care for you. The other members will also join this portal in the coming months.

You can also use this to refer a pregnancy on behalf of a woman.