Maternity Notes Privacy Notice

Here’s a quick rundown of important things you need to know about privacy and your data:

You can:
  • View the maternity notes recorded during your hospital/midwife visits
  • Fill in some medical/social questionnaires needed for your care and add these to your maternity notes by submitting them via the app/website. This is optional - it will not affect your care if you choose not to.
  • Receive SMS reminders about maternity appointments where these are available (this varies between midwifery care providers). This is an optional setting within the Profile screen of the app/website - by default it is turned off.
Only authorised medical staff who are responsible for your care will have access to the data you provide via the app/website.

Clevermed Ltd, who provide the app/website under permission from your hospital, will use your email address and phone number to allow you access to the system. To ensure the safety of your medical information Clevermed maintains an audit trail of access which includes details of user credentials, IP address, device type and access times. Clevermed will not use your personal information entered via this app/website or transfer it outside the EU for any purpose unless you have consented to this or the hospital (who is the Data Controller) has instructed this.

Your mobile phone number will be used by our UK based SMS supplier ‘Text Anywhere’ to send you a text message containing a verification code to allow you secure access to your maternity notes via the app/website. This supplier is bound by data protection legislation and will not use your mobile number for any other purpose.

To ensure availability of this service Clevermed uses crash analytics software provided by Microsoft to monitor performance of the app. This allows problems with the app to be identified and resolved quickly. This information is anonymous and does not identify you in any way.
The data passing to and from the hospital records is encrypted using 4096 bit-SSL encryption and sent via HTTPS over the internet. If you are using the app, a view of the hospital information is temporarily saved to your device while you are logged in; this data is removed from the device when you click 'Logout' via the profile or passcode screens. Access to the app/website is password controlled, it is your responsibility to keep passwords secret and use a device screen lock. All the data you see using this service is held on secure servers used by the hospital for the electronic medical records.
Access continues until you request access to be cancelled, the service is rendered obsolete or the medical records reach the end of the retention period. You can manage your access using the Profile screen with the app/website. For information on how long your medical records are kept, contact the medical records team at your hospital.
The data viewed via the app/website forms part of your medical records, as does any data you submit. To exercise your rights under the data protection legislation, for example to access your information or request something to be corrected, please contact the medical records team at your hospital.

From time to time we may update this privacy notice, you can check for updates at any time by following the privacy notice link within the app or on the website.